Mother's Day 2019 Inspirations

I’m back. I stepped away for a few …years… but my mind has always sought to come back here, to write, to bring it all together. Exploring new adventures was fulfilling and I am eternally grateful for experiences and lessons learned. It is very appropriate however, that this Mother’s Day, as I approach the beautiful 65 I take time to connect the dots of Josi. God has blessed me in so very many ways and I can’t way to tell it all.

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My Mom, my friend, my anchor and strength. Your spirit surrounds me daily and I grow in wisdom through the lessons you taught me. I am blessed to be a wife, mom & G-Ma because God blessed me with your love and a perfect example to follow Corine Clayton Randolph Crawford.

My angel forever. 💕💕

Enter Labor Day

Enter Labor Day Weekend

The change in seasons each having a flow
A repetition from years before
A time that is past but
what goes around...
comes as no surprise when you are watching
with your ears  wide open.

Language does not measure the thoughts,
that place deep within that recalls
a not too distant path
when you felt this time before -  Stop. Reality check.
Did not see it coming...
What does it mean!

Don't ask questions. Be Grateful. 
Take off your blinders though...lest you  miss your calling

When you get right down to it
there is a burning sensation - a path still lies before me
and I must create the border to protect - my heart.  
Weeds and stems removed.  Move forward.

Pain of life situations that have come through me
passed through, leaving just a bit, a memory, not for reflection but for action, Josi,
Child of God, black woman, friend, wife, mother, pain, cancer,
independent woman, coach, seeker

I have to be free. Be who God called me to be.  His Child Eternally. 

Labor Day, a time for re-birth, plan, bring forth a renewal of ideas,
Creativity and fulfillment until the next path is revealed.  Focus.
In Gratitude.


There-is-no-labor-a-person-does-that-is-undignified-if-they-do-it-right. Bill Cosby


This morning I woke to learn of the passing of David Bowie and thought - 69 how young - then realizing cancer was the reported cause of his untimely passing, I turned off the tv and began my morning with the goal of recapturing a portion of my timeline though my cancer journey. 

Years ago, I hosted live and studio radio shows and a blog talk radio show "Josi's Inspiration".  I am so thankful that I can go back and retrieve the blog talk shows and decided to see what was happening in my life 5 years ago and looked for a show in that time period.  What I found was a show recorded January 26, 2010 entitled “Making A Change” .

As I listened, I went online to read more about David Bowie and the music that had touched my life like "Let’s Dance" and saw that he had recorded a song called Changes … how appropriate. In the refrain it says "ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, turn and face the strange".

Change is constant, you can embrace it and seize the opportunities presented with an open mind and child like wonder for exploration, or you can deny it and cause yourself stress and anxiety. One thing is certain - you can not stop it, so today flow in the changes that come your way and live freely and on purpose. 

Pamper and Protect Yourself this Holiday

I Am Pampered and Protected

I love taking care of myself and others.  My challenge was learning to take care of myself. I've always known the importance of and loved caring for others but only after cancer have I learned the necessity of self-love.  That is just one reason why Soul Purpose and Damsel in Defense are important in my life.  

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Inspirations: The Other Side

The Other Side

The Other Side
on the other side people see where you are
not where you fell
not where you got up again not where you went through something
and then
you learned to live in Grace
not where you were sick and near death
but now you stand
you give praise
not many people know about the other side

We see each other along our journey
a journey sometimes with no apparent destination
its a faith walk

Experiences come and go relationships too
all the things that we live throughout our lifetime brings us to the now

What do you do with the now
You live freely in the moment
on the other side