Enter Labor Day

Enter Labor Day Weekend

The change in seasons each having a flow
A repetition from years before
A time that is past but
what goes around...
comes as no surprise when you are watching
with your ears  wide open.

Language does not measure the thoughts,
that place deep within that recalls
a not too distant path
when you felt this time before -  Stop. Reality check.
Did not see it coming...
What does it mean!

Don't ask questions. Be Grateful. 
Take off your blinders though...lest you  miss your calling

When you get right down to it
there is a burning sensation - a path still lies before me
and I must create the border to protect - my heart.  
Weeds and stems removed.  Move forward.

Pain of life situations that have come through me
passed through, leaving just a bit, a memory, not for reflection but for action, Josi,
Child of God, black woman, friend, wife, mother, pain, cancer,
independent woman, coach, seeker

I have to be free. Be who God called me to be.  His Child Eternally. 

Labor Day, a time for re-birth, plan, bring forth a renewal of ideas,
Creativity and fulfillment until the next path is revealed.  Focus.
In Gratitude.


There-is-no-labor-a-person-does-that-is-undignified-if-they-do-it-right. Bill Cosby