This morning I woke to learn of the passing of David Bowie and thought - 69 how young - then realizing cancer was the reported cause of his untimely passing, I turned off the tv and began my morning with the goal of recapturing a portion of my timeline though my cancer journey. 

Years ago, I hosted live and studio radio shows and a blog talk radio show "Josi's Inspiration".  I am so thankful that I can go back and retrieve the blog talk shows and decided to see what was happening in my life 5 years ago and looked for a show in that time period.  What I found was a show recorded January 26, 2010 entitled “Making A Change” .

As I listened, I went online to read more about David Bowie and the music that had touched my life like "Let’s Dance" and saw that he had recorded a song called Changes … how appropriate. In the refrain it says "ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, turn and face the strange".

Change is constant, you can embrace it and seize the opportunities presented with an open mind and child like wonder for exploration, or you can deny it and cause yourself stress and anxiety. One thing is certain - you can not stop it, so today flow in the changes that come your way and live freely and on purpose.