Josi Hopkins

I am Josephine “Josi” Hopkins: wife, mother, G-Ma, businesswoman, wellness coach, and inspired woman of God. As a three-time cancer victor, I am dedicated to my health, living life stress-free and guiding others to do the same.

In 2008, when I was diagnosed with cancer for the third time, I decided to make some lifestyle changes that would forever alter how I view my health. With my doctor’s support, I chose not go through the recommended chemotherapy regimen again.  

Already committed to using naturally-derived products in my beauty routine, I chose to take back my health by adding something new to my daily regimen. And so I started taking essential nutrient supplements and using essential oils to carve a new path toward healing. 

Now, it’s 2019 and I’m 65 and reinventing for Vision 2020. Walking in a new space with Josi’s Inspiration, Inc, Josi’s Inspiration Radio Network a subsidiary of Finding My Way Network, USA/World and being open to all that God is calling in my life.
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Today, I amaze my doctors, friends, and family as my health continues to thrive. This journey has inspired me to immerse myself in the study of health and wellness, and I am always working to pay it forward. Through speaking engagements, inspirational tips, and guided workshops, I use my voice to share the message of finding freedom from cancer.  

My Community

Health and wellness are core to my values, and I am fortunate to be connected to a community of individuals who are of the same mindset.  As CEO-Qualified Senior Executive Marketing Director and Team Leader of Soul Purpose and Youngevity Life Sciences, I have been blessed to lead an international team of health-conscious entrepreneurs committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle.  Now as opportunities are expanding, I have found a new passion for sharing the mission of Damsel in Defense and being able to provide safety products for women and their families.  


I'd love to hear from you.  

Get Involved

Our Soul Purpose and Youngevity direct-sales team shares products through home parties and special events. 

If you are looking for an additional stream of income, or are interested in experiencing quality spa, nutritional and home care products, you can become a business partner, party host, or preferred customer.